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Club achievements

The most important achievements

Performances in the championship and the Cup of the USSR

Victory in the competition of zonal tournament Class B (1962);
Victory on the amount of transient matches for the right to play in the class A, and won a right to play in the highest echelon of the Soviet football (1962);
Victory in the zonal tournament, Class A (1967);
Victory in the zonal tournament in the second league of the Soviet football (1982 and 1983);
In the USSR Cup matches, «Shahter» outplayed such clubs as «Zenit» (Leningrad), «Ararat» (Yerevan), «Dinamo» (Minsk), «Torpedo» (Moscow).

The biggest victory:
1983 — 8:1 (SKIF, Alma-Ata)

Participant  of19 matches of the USSR Cup:
in 48 matches: 22 victories, 4 draws and 22 defeats;
goal difference: 50 — 62;
1963, 1965, 1969, 1972, 1973 — the best achievement is getting into 1 / 8 of final.
The biggest victories:
1963 — 3:0 («Zenit», Leningrad)
1965 — 3:0 («Vanguard», Kharkov)

A football player from Karaganda Sergey Stukashov played for the USSR national team (6 games, 2 goals).
Viktor Abgolts, Vladimir Assylbayev, Anatoliy Zarapin played for the USSR youth team.
Petr Assylbayev, Sergey Stukashov, Eduard Son and Ivan Popov psuccesfully played for the USSR junior team.


Participation in the Championship and the Cup of Kazakhstan

1992 — 2016 — a participant of 24 championships of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
«Shakhter» has been in the elite division during all 24 seasons;

Two-time champion of Kazakhstan in 2011 and 2012.
“Shakhter” won bronze medals at the championship of Kazakhstan (1995, 2007, 2009);
“Shakhter”  reached the final of the Cup of Kazakhstan 2 times (2009, 2010);

Owner of the Cup of Kazakhstan (2013)

Owner of the Supercup of Kazakhstan (2013)
The biggest win:
1992 — 9:2 (CSKA Moscow, Almaty)
The best striker of the «miners» in the history of the team is Igamberdiyev Nicholay, who scored182 goals for «Shakhter» in the USSR championships. In 1982,  he scored 33 goals in a season.
In the championship of Kazakhstan the best striker is Ruslan Imankulov (98 goals). In 2003 Andrey Finonchenko scoring 18 goals became the best «sniper» of the championship.

In 2011 “Shakhter” became the champion of Kazakhstan for the first time. In 2012 the “miners” managed to defend their title of champions, becoming the two-time champion of Kazakhstan. 



  Player Гол  
1 Лувага Кизито 5 (1)
2 Сергей Зенев 8 (8)
3 Иван Пешич 8 (6)

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